Natt Series:S29

Split system
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About the device


  • "iFeel" function - setting a comfortable temperature directly at the location of the remote control (usually next to the user)
  • Hidden Display - the readouts on the display glow through the plastic
  • Night Care comfortable sleep mode
  • High-quality ABS plastic 

Main characteristics

  • Energy efficiency class A4 in 1: cooling, heating, ventilation, dehumidification
  • iCLEAN self-cleaning function
  • 24-hour On/Off timer
  • Automatic restart
  • Environmentally friendly R410A coolant

Scope of application

A split system is one of the types of air conditioners that is designed for cooling and/or heating premises. An “On/Off” split system is a combination of two units: an external (compressor) and an internal (evaporator). Various types of freon gas are used as a cooling agent in split systems.

Most frequently, wall-mounted split systems are used to lower the air temperature in a room, but modern split systems also have the functions of heating, ventilation, and often dehumidification.

Thanks to its expansive functional capability, nowadays a split system is a household appliance that can be used to maintain ideal temperature settings in a room, regardless of what season it is.