Melrose Series: UL 22E (WS)

Ultrasonic air humidifier

Melrose Series: UL 22E (WS)

Model description

  • Intuitive touch-sensor control
  • Large-capacity tank: 3.9 liters
  • High humidification capacity – 300 ml/h
  • Remote control panel included into the scope of supply
  • Shutdown timer up to 7 hours
  • Aroma capsule for creation of SPA-effect: it is enough to simply add fragrance oil
  • Automatic shutoff if there is not water in tank
  • Tank illumination and light indication of control panel modes can be switched off
  • Silent operation for comfortable sleeping and relaxing


The warranty on the device - 12 months

Technical characteristics and prices

THU UL 22 E (WS)
Humidification performance, ml / h 280
Tank capacity, l 3,9
Voltage - frequency, V / Hz 220-240~/50
Power consumption, W 20
Rated current, A 0,1
Class of moisture protection II
Electrical safety class IP20
Weight (net), kg 1,5
Device size, mm 276x250x260
Service area, m2 25-30
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