Series - Laguna

Split System
Series - Laguna

Model description

  • Three step air cleaning system - Silver Plus *
  • Intensive mode - Turbo Drive
  • Automatic mode for comfortable temperature search - Smart
  • Efficient cooling , heating, ventilation, dehumidification 4 in 1
  • Increased comfort air exchange system Comfort Power Air
  • Night mode - Night Care
  • Low noise level - Silence Dream
  • < li>Switching ON and OFF timer - 24 hours
  • Automatic restart
  • Current temperature indicator on the indoor unit
  • Self-diagnostic and protection system
  • Ergonomic remote control Increased comfort air exchange system Comfort Power Air
  • * Silver Ion filter, prefilters, Ionizer


  • Unique maximally informative display based on 7 Maximum Digital indicators (white indicators)
  • Displaying all necessary modes, including cooling and heating
  • 100% automatic rotation of vertical and horizontal blinds
  • Activation of an air ionizer with remote control
  • Display Illumination Control with Remote Control
  • "Golden" heat exchanger of increased productivity GFA
  • Highly reliable compressor with 3 year warranty (subject to regular maintenance by an authorized service center)


The warranty on the device - 2 years


Dear customers, buying Timberk products in unauthorized or blacklisted stores increases the risk of getting a counterfeit product that will not be serviced in Timberk warranty centers. One of the signs of an unauthorized store is the price lower than the floor price specified for online stores. You will find a list of authorized online stores and a list of operating requirements for online stores here.

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