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High quality of equipment that comes with immaculate service

This is the key idea of Timberk’s service policy. The idea is incorporated already at the development stage of Timberk appliances.

Timberk’s specialists develop and produce only such products that are sufficiently reliable and user friendly that they don’t require close attention from service team employees. Such appliances have a longer average service life compared to the standard guaranteed period. In case any equipment demonstrates visible defects, Timberk conducts special inspections to make the necessary modifications and improve the product. Any product can be excluded from the product line if the share of defective items exceeds 0.5% (zero point five percent).

Timberk’s service policy is based on the following key principles:

  • Equipment must be utterly user friendly
  • The quality of equipment must exclude any need for excessive after-sales service
  • After-sales and post-warranty service must be quick, easy, high-quality, and available to customers and partners.

To implement the key principles of its service policy, Timberk is developing and improving its service system. It is fully compliant with the quality of Timberk appliances and its distribution network and offers assistance to Timberk’s customers in every region covered by Timberk’s network.

Solution of all service-related problems is controlled by Timberk on a centralized basis, which allows quick on-line response to each signal and service case and control over the quality of Timberk products.

To optimize after-sales services for customers and partners, Timberk works on development and expansion of the regional service centers network together with its general distributor. In the majority of cases, services are provided to customers through Timberk’s regional partners. This approach makes it possible to:

  • Ensure a high level of distribution quality and services for Timberk appliances
  • Provide customers with quick and high-quality after-sales, maintenance, and post-warranty services in locations where Timberk appliances are sold
  • Guarantee immaculate quality and reliable operation of Timberk appliances to customers.

Timberk provides the following to its service partners:

  • Full information support and consulting services
  • Supplies of original components and spare parts in sufficient quantities for high-quality services
  • Special cooperation offers based on service agreements.

Timberk’s regional partners assuming the obligation to provide after-sales services and the company’s best service centers receive additional bonuses and discounts.

Each service partner working with Timberk has highly qualified employees motivated to support the image of Timberk’s top quality products.

Timberk’s dynamically developing service program is the sign of quality for customers and a guarantee for the company’s partners.

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