Shoes Dryer Timberk

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Rated power consumption, W
Device dimensions, mm
270х71х29 мм (х2)

The Timberk T-SD40001 shoe dryer will dry your shoes quickly and efficiently. The power of the device is 20 W, which makes it hot as fast as possible. A key feature of this model is the holes located throughout the body, which allow you to evenly release heat and make the process of removing moisture fast and easy. The temperature regime of the device is selected in such a way that damage or deformation of the shoes is excluded, which makes the drying process safe. The design of the dryer allows it to fit perfectly in any shoe, evenly releasing heat inside. The lightweight and compact device will be useful not only at home, but also on vacations and trips.

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About the device


  • Light and compact
  • Removes moisture
  • Doesn’t deform the shoes
  • Absolutely safe
  • Easy to use
Rated power consumption, W
Rated supply voltage, V/Hz
Electrical protection class
II class
Weight (net), kg
Device dimensions, mm
270х71х29 мм (х2)