The year 2003 in Sweden saw the birth of the idea of creating a very special range of domestic appliances, uniting both the features of high reliability, rich functionality, exquisite looks, refined ergonomics and the task of creating ideal comfort at home. A group of design engineers, technicians and talented industrial designers started their own project of the first range of accumulative waterboilers. The start-up was a success and the new products enjoyed gradually increasing demand in Scandinavian countries which enabled the Swedish team to walk confidently the road to the future and start expansion to the perspective markets of South-East Asia and Russia.

That“s how Timberk came to being. Now Timberk is one of the recognized leaders on the electric heating, water-heating and climatic markets.

As undisputed leader in technical innovations, Timberk was the first on the Russian market to introduce a variety of unique products and technologies which still are not only of great demand among final consumers but also are replicated and adopted by other manufacturers. Among the most prominent technological ideas is the ionizer in an electric convector and oil-filled radiator, polymeric protective cover of water-heaters internal reservoirs, stepped power modes in electric convectors, and also unique conception Health Air for electric convectors. Timberk design conceptions comprise both individual selection of different materials and original color-schemes ideas. One mere look at any Timberk product would prove that it lies in complete harmony with users’ demands and preferences.

So far, more than 3 000 000 of final consumers made Timberk their choice. The results of independent sociological survey prove that 46.5% of customers make second purchase of Timberk, neglecting other brands.

Today Timberk is international holding company, with branches in Israel, China, Hong-Kong, Finland and Russia. The production basis in South-East Asia not only provides the developed distribution networks in China, Russia, CIS countries with Timberk products but also fulfills OEM and ODM contract obligations for partners from more than 20 countries from all over the world. The design of Timberk products is developed by international designers team from Russia, Scandinavia under supervision of productmanagers from Russia, China and Israel.

In January 2011 Timberk started the new specialized factory in China, focusing on developing of electric heaters. The Timberk factory is a complex establishment, comprising a number of component parts and materials suppliers, centralized quality control system 360°, warehouses, production facilities with up-to-date machinery. The annual export capacity of the new factory is more than 1 000 000 pcs of products.

From the very beginning Timberk has set strict requirements for quality control of all produced goods. Each of the production lines confirms with the high international standards which enables introduction of the most uptodate technologies. Timberk specialists are sure that only high quality products can suffice the final consumers demands. This approach guarantees the quality of all Timberk products to the customers from all over the world.