Pacific Series: H6 D


Pacific Series: H6 D

Model description

  • Air cleaner with the additional humidification function
  • Digital LED display shows the current humidity level, filter cleaning indicator, fan operation mode
  • Reliable tank locking protection: child proof
  • Two-way air intake
  • Three power modes: low, medium, high
  • Setting and maintaining humidity up to the set level ranging from 30% to 60%
  • Bold custom design of the appliance performed according to the unique mesh screen printing technology
  • Control window made of translucent plastic allows for monitoring of the water tank level
  • Circular designer bright-blue backlighting on top
  • Japanese filter "HONEYCOMB" provides air cleaning in the most environmentally friendly way; humidified air leaves no white deposits
  • Easy cleaning of the water tank


The warranty on the device - 12 months

Technical characteristics and prices

Humidification performance, ml / h 200
Tank capacity, l 2
Voltage - frequency, V / Hz 220~/50
Power consumption, W 25
Rated current, A 0,08
Class of moisture protection IPХ0
Electrical safety class II
Weight (net), kg 2,9
Device size, mm 260x260x340
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