Pontus: E7 M


Pontus: E7 M

Model description

  • Exclusive customs design by the Scandinavian Timberk studio
  • Multi-Direction Heating - multi-direction volume heating with optimal mixing of outgoing air flows
  • Economy Expert mode - Timberk power saving technology
  • Mechanical control panel
  • X.TRI-UMPH heating element: triple heating power, unprecedented service life
  • Absolute resistance to voltage variations in the mains
  • UltraSilence technology: absolutely noiseless operation
  • High-precision adjustable thermostat
  • Fall protection sensor
  • Complete with support legs for floor mounting

Technical characteristics and prices

TEC.E7 M 1000 TEC.E7 M 1500 TEC.E7 M 2000
10-13 15-18 20-23
Rated current, A 4,3 6,5 8,7
Power by modes, W 450/550/1000 650/850/1500 850/1150/2000
Class of moisture protection IP24 IP24 IP24
Electrical safety class Class I Class I Class I
Weight, kg 2,8 3,8 4,6
Dimensions, mm 400x480x110 400x640x110 400x800x110
Voltage-frequency, V-Hz 220~/50 220~/50 220~/50
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