Air humidifiers – user manual

The more cities grow, the thicker the smog surrounding them. The thicker the smog, the drier the air in the streets, apartments and offices. Especially in winter with heating switched on: air humidity drops down to critical 20% given that the normal value recommended for man is 40-65%!

Dry air enables development of bacteria, deterioration of immunity and accumulation of stress. Therefore, doctors all over the world recommend humidifiers to support health and good mood. These appliances are especially useful for people with chronic respiratory diseases - according to research, respiratory problems are overcome most comfortably at humidity of 60-70%.

But along with thankful reviews online, you can find a lot of complaints and negative feedback. Here is a humidifier that emits smoke and steam but fails to increase humidity. The other one is leaking water all the time. And here is the weirdest phenomenon - white deposit covering all surfaces in a room appears when an appliance is working!

It is very important to remember that first of all any equipment needs proper operation and air humidifiers are no different. First of all, be mindful when choosing an appliance - there are many humidifiers and they are all different (by technical characteristics, principle of operation). However, regardless of your choice, here are some recommendations as to how ensure safe and efficient operation of an appliance:

1.    First of all, make yourself safe - do not place an air difier very close to electric appliances! A moist mist of high density is formed near the humidifier and can cause short circuit. Be careful and observe a safe zone - at least 20 cm away from the closest electrical appliance (twice as far along the direction of a steam jet).

2.    Then the most important thing - when the humidifier is operating, do not open windows in the room. Humidifying air with an open vent window, humidifier operation efficiency will tend to zero and you will not achieve the expected effect from operation of the appliance.

3.    Carry out a regular preventive cleaning. As any other appliance, the air humidifier requires regular attention, examination and cleaning - especially due to the fact that humidifiers operate with heat and moisture, a favorable environment for development of bacteria. Keep the appliance in good condition and let it survive the warranty period as long as possible.

4.    When cleaning internal components do not use aggressive chemical agents! Remember: steam quality directly depends on quality of water in a tank. Therefore, use filtered water!

5.    It is extremely important to use treated water to eliminate another widely spread problem - white deposit.

No, it does not mean that your humidifier is broken. The cause is an increased water hardness. This is especially of high priority for most state-of-the-art ultrasound humidifiers. These appliances do not heat water but strike particles of moisture from its surface by means of ultrasound vibration. Its quality directly depends on the quality of water, and if water in your home contains a lot of impurities then generation of white deposit is inevitable!

What can you do with it? Using filtered water will help you to solve this problem - to ensure perfect cleanliness even distilled water is recommended (no, water from an air dehumidifier will not suit). However, if you do not have time to filter tap water, Timberk can help you! Many Timberk air humidifiers are equipped with special water softening filters, minimizing the possibility of deposit generation and enabling additional purification of water in the tank prior to feeding it to an ultrasound membrane.

All these small tricks and notes will help you to make the most of a humidifier and ensure its long and safe operation. Take care of your humidifiers and they will take care of you!

Your health and health of your loved ones deserves the support of professionals. Absolutely noiseless, ease-to-use, extremely efficient and durable Timberk humidifiers are definitely worth such title.

Timber air humidifiers - smart choice!

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