Electrical fan heaters is one of the key categories in the range of Timberk heating equipment.
Anyone, who has, at least once, used a storage water heater in a flat or a country house, will easily list the most important quality criteria of such equipment.
The present-day market of water heaters offers models of any type and size. Small size or large volume? Reliability or cost effectiveness? Usability or style? The choice is virtually unlimited.
The creation of comfortable living conditions for you and your family is a natural wish and aim of any person.

Spring comes to the country – it means that the new 2017th year takes the full advantage of its rights. In the streets, in houses, in shops – and, of course, in our range of water heaters. This spring, we are happy to offer you the remarkable lines of water heating equipment!

Today, the manufacturers offer air humidifiers, which suit every taste – the product range impresses by the number of models and variations.
In winter frosts and sleety out-of-season time, it is especially pleasing when you enter the door and a flow of warm air greets you.

Oil-filled radiators are quite conventional devices, and the crucial distinctions among them are rare. But, sometimes the unique and unusual models can appear even in the most conservative market, and the radiators of Lux series are truly ones of them.


We are glad to report that in fall 2016 Timberk is once again raising quality standards and offers new models of thermal equipment - functional, high-quality, high-performance and simply very beautiful.


Did you know, that over than 80% customers use air humidifier inefficiently?


Timberk F4 and Timberk F6 series USB fans are the ones of the cheapest, most quality and, most importantly, compact desktop fans.


Today we would like to show you the true dehumidifying professionals - a new line of Dry Master series air dehumidifiers


There are different approaches to selection of water heaters for an apartment or a country house, but one thing is always the same. Our home is a place for safe, reliable and durable appliances.


One of the series of water heaters that is particular pride for us is the line of Watermaster tankless water heaters, including three series of appliances different in power, design and functionality.


Humidity level in a room is very important for creation of a truly healthy and comfortable microclimate. Insufficiently moist air will not have a healthy influence on the health and condition of people and items, as well as excessive moisture in a room will have multiple adverse consequences.


Life in comfortable conditions is a logical wish of any person. And one of the necessary conditions of comfort is, undoubtedly, an uninterrupted hot water supply. Facing its absence in summer (sometimes in winter as well), the most optimal solution of this inconvenience is to install an electric water heater.

On April 14th, 2016, the XIIIth National Awards Ceremony “The Product of the Year 2016” in consumer electronics was held in Moscow, where the best new products of 2016 in the field of photo and video equipment, electronics and domestic appliances, were announced.
Under this very slogan, we open a new climatic season of sales within Russian and CIS countries. And we open it by a large-scale federal advertising campaign, aimed at supporting sales, strengthening brand positions and its promotion in such categories as “domestic air conditioners” and “electric water heaters”.
Opening a new season of sales of climate equipment in Russia and CIS countries, Timberk offers its partners and customer a balanced range of domestic split systems totaling over 40 models of appliance in different price tiers. We have recently talked about one of the remarkable new products of this season – Excelsior series air conditioners, but it’s by no means all of what we’ve prepared for you this season.
Creating home climate equipment, we strive to offer our customer really remarkable products by their functional and technological characteristics that embody recent trends of global industrial design and our boldest visions of what household appliances can look like.