It is time to warm up! New 2016 products

Warmth and comfort are notions inseparably associated with Timberk equipment. For over 10 years our radiators, convectors and fan heaters bring joy to our customers for their unique style and invariable reliability. We are glad to report that in fall 2016 Timberk is once again raising quality standards and offers new models of thermal equipment - functional, high-quality, high-performance and simply very beautiful.


Welcome in the season of 2016-2017:

Electric convectors

Smooth geometrical curves of a new exclusive Pontus series or a strict restraint and harmony of the Islandia series convectors? Economical and irreplaceable Genesis Eco or fascinating elegant glass convectors of the Pearl line? Novelties of the season in the segment of electric convectors will amaze you by combination of unique design and perfect quality - the only thing left to do will be to make your choice!

Oil-filled radiators

Simple beauty and high heating performance parameters of a new series of radiators make them the rising stars on the conservative market of oil-filled radiators. Feel the revolutionary design of the Impozanta series: up to 22% more heat thanks to a special shape of sections and the 3D-HEAT WAVE technology!

Who said that oil-filled radiators familiar to everyone must have a traditional white-grey or black color? A series of new Lux radiators seems to "say" a firm "no" and proves that a radiator can be truly elegant and beautiful! But the Lux series is not only beautiful - thanks to a special horizontal perforation of heating sections, these heaters are 12% more efficient compared to other radiators of the same power.

Table and floor fan heaters

6 new models were added to the range of domestic fan heaters - both with a metal-ceramic heating element and a spiral one, both table ones and wall-mounted and floor ones - and, believe us, whatever appliance you choose you will not regret it.

One of the novelties is a table metal-ceramic fan heater TFHF15 TDA. The Heat-360 technology and special design of the case will provide all-around blowing and heating, not just in one direction.

Unusual and sincerely loved by us, the new futuristic TFH T15XCZ is an ultra-compact heat source capable of heating a room up to 18 sq. m, enclosed in a special triangular case. For those who like unusual forms and a fresh look.

And, for those of you who prefer floor-type domestic heaters, there are two new products TFH F20VVE and TFH F20VVC: a model with an electronic control panel and complete with a remote control, or a model with the conventional mechanical control - the choice is yours!

Make the smart choice together with Timberk!

More details on the new range of products are available in the Product catalogue online on our website.