Infrared Excellence – “Five Stars” Water Heating Technology

The present-day market of water heaters offers models of any type and size. Small size or large volume? Reliability or cost effectiveness? Usability or style? The choice is virtually unlimited.

Among the variety of models, it is worth distinguishing a “tank” segment – storage water heaters created to give full and all-embracing comfort under the conditions of limited hot water supply. The state-of-the-art engineering achievements and the latest designers’ ideas are concentrated in them creating the synergy and assuring the most efficient water heating.


In 2017 season, Timberk added its proprietary series to the range of such models – impressive storage water heater of Infrared Excellence series.

There are good reasons to include “infrared” word into the name of the series – Infrared Excellence assures the instantaneous heating of water using the “Five Stars” technology with the help of two infrared heating elements, one per each inner tank. Infrared radiation heats up water in both tanks instantaneously and uniformly. The heating elements are made of heat-resistant glass (!), which is not prone to corrosion and is resistant to dirty and hard water impact.

The device housing is of the restrained style, made of heat-resistant plastic with “chrome-plated metal” decorations, and will brighten up any contemporary interior, and the “smart” indication system, SMART LIGHTS, makes it possible to identify the mode set at a glance and monitor the further operation of the device.

The Infrared series (represented by 50- and 80-liter models) is a rarity among water heaters, as it has dual tanks. To assure the perfectly uniform heating of water, there are two parallel heating elements designed – one per each of inner stainless steel tanks. At the same time, the space between heating elements does not influence the energy efficiency in any way – the reliable insulation completely excludes the formation of “heat bridges”.

Each stage of Infrared Excellence operation has the corresponding protection system. The inner tanks and all components are made of 2.2 mm thick SUS 304 stainless steel, weld joints are protected by the increased magnesium anode in each heating group.

From inside, the device is protected by the multi-stage 3D Logic® system: DROP Defense – against leakages and excess pressure inside tank, SHOCK Defense – against electric shock (protective cut-out device), HOT Defense – two-level overheating protection. And, finally, when you buy the device in the authorized Timberk stores, the scope of supply includes a cord for the protective cut-out device – an emergency cutoff device, which guarantees the protection against variations in the mains!

Infrared Excellence houses the powerful potential! The exceptional quality and the unique engineering solutions make it a full-fledged player in the flawless domestic band – and give confidence in really long and reliable service.

Timberk Infrared Excellence – a device for people seeking the ultimate and uncompromised comfort.


Timberk – smart choice.