Timberk Fan Heaters – Autumn Reload

For many years, Timberk stays one of the most reliable foreign manufacturers of domestic and semi-industrial heaters in the Russian market. The continuous striving for excellence and new quality results in performance and functionality is the vector determining the process of creation of semi-industrial Timberk heaters.

Electrical fan heaters is one of the key categories in the range of Timberk heating equipment.

Fan heaters is a category of semi-industrial equipment used for heating of premises with the special humidity, air temperature, contamination conditions, etc. It means that all elements of equipment shall be made of high-quality and wear-proof materials with the special attention paid to the safety of operation.

2017-2018 range of fan heaters is characterized by the uncompromised approach to reliability and safety of equipment and its technological state of the art.

The Aerodynamic Control technology is the key technological concept of this category of products – a technological complex combining the special approach and engineering solutions for the key groups of fan heaters: a heating element and a fan unit

The heating element is located and bent at a certain angle to the inner shield to take into account the operation of the fan unit, which generates the maximum air flow round the outer radius of impeller. The fan unit of fan heaters is certified in accordance with the international standards, CCC, CE, TUV, and the service life of fan unit motor amounts to 45,000 hours. When developing fan heaters, to increase the performance efficiency Timberk takes into account and customizes the shape of blades, the motor power, its protection rating and distance from heating element.

Reliable and durable heating element

Timberk fan heaters are equipped with multi-block tubular heating elements coated by the special compound, which improves its performance. Timberk heating elements comply with the stringent international requirements to safety and undergo a complex of factory tests before the large-scale production is launched.

Impact-resistant and wear-proof housing

Timberk pays the special attention to the quality and reliability of materials, which semi-industrial heaters are manufactured of. The housings of fan heaters are made of strong steel and have the special fine coating, which keeps the protective paint layer intact for long time even if used in aggressive environment.

Stable base

Whatever fan heater model you choose, it will have the stable reinforced and reliable support legs. The design and shape of the legs differ depending on the series. The legs are made of high-quality steel and have additional rubber stoppers, which assure the anti-sliding effect and additional stability.

Mobile and easy to carry

Along with domestic heaters, the convenience and safety of device carrying is of high or even higher importance for semi-industrial heaters. Being aware of it, Timberk engineers and designers provided different, but equally convenient and reliable carry handles for each model


Timberk has always considered beauty and design as the key points for contribution and investment. Starting with 2017 autumn, Timberk offers to its buyers the upgraded design concept of these devices.

The new range is created in the red-black color scheme, which is traditional for semi-industrial equipment, and reflects the uncompromised approach to reliability and safety of devices in combination with the technological state of the art.

Whatever electric fan heater you choose, Timberk guarantees the unparalleled quality and high heating capacity.

For more information on the range of electric fan heaters and their specifications see the updated product cards in the fan heaters section and in 2017-2018 catalog, Semi-Industrial Heating Equipment, which you can download here.