Why Timberk?

Why Timberk?

Wide choice

Everything you need to create an ideal climate in your home.

Timberk offers its customers a unique range of products: an unmatched choice of product categories, models, colors, price segments, functions and technical specifications.


Leave caring for you and for your environment in the hands of professionals.

Since 2004 we have been manufacturing equipment for you, so that you can enjoy an ideal microclimate in your home or office.
We have chosen to specialize and invest our resources in a single area, the development and production of climate control equipment, and as a result we have developed unmatched expertise in a range of technologies that enable us to manufacture reliable, effective and user-friendly products.


Each of our customers is unique and deserves to use special products that will care for him or her, day after day.

With their imaginative and individual designs, all Timberk products have a recognizable “look”.
Elegance and good design have always been among our main considerations when making investments and developing products. We are confident that these aspects are as important as the product’s core qualities - technical sophistication, functionality, and performance.


Innovation is not a goal in itself,
but it has a transformative effect value when it is incorporated into a specific product and
adds to its range of functions.

It is this transformative effect that we aim for at every stage of our work.
Timberk creates modern, technically sophisticated products and uses a wide range of unique proprietary innovations in its manufacturing processes. Some of our models have unique functionality.

Timberk’s large, integrated team of specialists takes pride in the fact that many “standard” functions in the field of climate control technologies were first designed, developed and introduced to the market by our company.
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